Ücretsiz nakliye pişirme boya 9x13mm cam renkli gözyaşı waterdrop kadınlar toptan fiyat takı yapma gevşek boncuk 15 B1086

Ücretsiz nakliye pişirme boya 9x13mm cam renkli gözyaşı waterdrop kadınlar toptan fiyat takı yapma gevşek boncuk 15 B1086

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About Us   Our corporation has 10 years of operating history, mainly in the wholesale and retail business to create a variety of DIY / jewelry accessories as one mode of operation, convenient for all finished products businesses have just open our shop, will be able to search their favorite with beads, make more perfect the purpose hand finished chain, welcomed the broad masses of customers and love DIY jewelry business to join, your support and cooperation. We will continue to update the progress, to create the jewelry industry to create a win-win future.Our main products : natural stone, necklace, bracelet, pendant, coral, pearl, Silver accessories and a variety of DIY jewelry ect. Customers Notice    Thank you for purchasing 1.If your total order is below $5,we will send postal mail (no tracking number information,about 20-40 days to arrive); 2.If your total order is $5 to $200,we will send China Post Shipping (about 20-40 days),the US to send EUB(about 10-20 days),with information,but some countries need to go to the post to extract the order; 3.If your total order is over $200 or more,we will send DHL,EMS,UPS (about 7days).we will choose the transport in accordance with the client area; 4.If you don't understand,please send us a message,we will reply you in 24-48 hours,please understand the differences in different countries. 5.size or fit issues : The sizes are illustrated with specific measurements in the detailed specifications.Please check the specification before you place an order.Normally the allowable differences in the size are approximately 0.5inch in measurement.If you find the size of the goods do not fit you,you can directly contact us. 6.Color mismatch : differences in color may be caused by some other reasons as color reflection in the monitor,lighting,backgrund ect.However,if you believe that the item received is in wrong color,please contact us to see if a return or refund is possible. 7.Cause the shop on some of the products is below $8 is not to provide registration, if you need the product registration, please contact with us in order before, I will send you the registration link.

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Takı Bulguları
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Madde Çap:
Ürün Özellikleri:
waterdrop teardrop
Ürün Genişlik:
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Model Numarası:
waterdrop teardrop
Item Diameter:
about 15inches

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